Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I come here for I've realised something and it has hit me so hard I need to let people know. As the heading suggests it's about people. A remarkable race we are, with so many types of people amongst us that quite literally define the superlatives running our lives. And a particular breed of people I want to talk about are so important for all of us it's hard to imagine life without them.

I want you to close your eyes(after you read this particular sentence of course) take a deep breath and think for a second, about what your biggest dream or achievement is and I want you to really think not just pretend, and once your done open your eyes and read on. Now imagine the route to that dream or achievement IF we didn't have any soldiers. Its something most of us can relate to, I am a Pakistani and I know if there weren't those who've made the goal of their life to die for me I would not be sitting here right this moment. With all the wars we've had with India who knows where we would have ended up if we were a nation with out an army, similarly, places like Iraq and Afghanistan couldn't defend themselves from internal and external attacks and we all know how they've ended up. Do you think you could be doing what ever it is that you love to do if you were living in Baghdad? So more or less it's a universal idea.

I can imagine how in todays so called 'civilised' world countries have obligations and they defend themselves while being a part of this universal web of conspiracies and schemes. It seems that everyone handling the state affairs seems to be in on the joke and the people just wait and watch, and that may make the existence of an army stupid, but I owe a debt of gratitude to all the people that have given their lives for my country and so do you. Think about it, we're the ones who wonder what we can do for our country whilst these people guard our borders without any personal agenda of their own. I dont know what goes through their minds, who wants to die protecting other people? And how can they defy their human instincts of survival and literally be in the line of fire being face to face with the reality that most of us ignore; we may not be alive the next second. I get CHILLS. 

Here I would like to make one thing clear, I do not think having military arsenal and thus wars is the way to go, it'd be great if all of us agree on everything and take care of our neighbours and not rob different countries of their resources(under the canopy of a war on terror) but that's the harsh reality, like high school this world has its bullies and we need to take a stand and speak up or else we may be silenced forever. 

So remember every time a soldier dies while you are still alive, make sure you thank them, you owe them so much more but acknowledging their sacrifice is the least you can do. For they are people who die to make your dreams come true. 

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